Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Haulin' & Sushi

Today was pretty much, AH-MAZING. 

I got a load of gift cards for Christmas early, so I decided to do a little shopping while there were still some sales in store. I was really excited to go out today because I was going out for sushi (and shopping) with my cousin, C. But most of all I was excited because I got to wear my new sweater! It's a Little Mermaid sweater my friend got my for Christmas :D And I also loved my hair today, js.

M even got in on all the picture action. (;

So we went out to the mall, and had some sushi there. It wasn't bad for mall sushi. I just got a California roll to share with M, who loved it! She ate three pieces by herself, haha. And C of course had a great time, just look at her face!

M just really liked the chopsticks. 

So we ended up going to Forever 21, a boutique called Francesca's, and the Disney Store. Of course I took freaking forever trying to pick out everything that I wanted, but here's a little sneak preview of my haul today. (I'll make a video after I'm finish shopping for the week--probably Saturday night)

(Darcy jumped in my picture, haha :D )

From Forever 21:
*Little Loofa's- Penguin, Bunny and a Duckie ~$1.80 each.
*Beauty kit- free with purchase
*Makeup remover wipes ~ $2.80
*Hello Kitty Cupcake Tee ~ $13.80
*Black "I love H81" Tee ~ $10.90
*Floral Legging ~ $17.80
*Coconut Shea Butter Mask ~ $1.80
*Bobble Hat ~ $10.80

Then at Fran. I bought a head massager. That thing is GLORIOUS! And it was only 12 bucks! And finally, the Disney Store. I swear I've been to this same Disney store every weekend for the past two months...It's been bad. I bought M a Minnie Mouse umbrella (can't take a picture because if she sees it, she'll freak out and want it...it's for Christmas) and I pre-ordered PETER PAN. -squeal;
Here are the pictures I got with the pre-order for free. ^_^

 I'm hanging these up on my wall tomorrow morning. I'm so excited~ aksdgjalsdgj. Peter Pan is my absolute F A V O R I T E ~

Well that's all for today. Overall, it was amazingly awesome. Stay tuned for more hauls, since tomorrow I'm spending my $100 Victoria Secret gift card and going on a shopping spree on Saturday. I'm so glad I'm finally shopping, I haven't done this in years!

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Well b o n j o u r,

So I've been kinda MIA from my blog for a wee little bit now. And that's mostly due to my moving around and family stress that's been going on. BUT- on that note, things have finally taken a turn for the better. I've had a bit of a happy streak going on lately. Last week I finished (and past, might I add) all of my finals for my Fall semester, I got most of my Christmas shopping done, and even recieved some gifts (I'll do a big post about presents later), I FINALLY received most of my checks in the mail (and lets face it, money is happiness), and my husband and sister are coming home this Thursday. On top of all of that! CHRISTMAS!

But what's even more exciting then all of that is --

I rescued a little kitten. <3 His name is Darcy~ and he's the most precious little boy in the world. Of course his name is from Pride and Prejudice. Who doesn't love the handsome and dapper, Darcy? (I know I do). We rescued him from the shelter! This month they waved the adoption fee, trying to get all their animals to a home for the holidays. So I got this adorable handsome man for free. How could I say no!?

And on top of allllll of that, I'm going to Disney World again on the 27th! I'm going with my family so it certainlly will be exciting. Since they opened the new Fantasyland, I've been dying to go there. Belle is my favorite Princess, and Ariel next to her. So I can't wait to go see the new expansion they put in. Needless to say, I really miss living two hours away from Disney. -insert sad face;

But anywho, I'm going shopping tomorrow evening, so I will have more posts on new hauls shortly!

SO glad to be back~