Sunday, July 21, 2013

New Cards for sale on Etsy!

I'm so excited to introduce some of the new cards I've been working on!! They're now up for sale on my Etsy: DeraeArt. We've got some new (and funny) homemade greeting cards for multiple occasions. From pregnancy cards, I love you cards, and summer cards!! Here's a preview of some of them, go check the rest out!!

 Let me know what you think of them!! Or anything else that you'd like to see. And just to let you know, we have NEW PRODUCTS ON THE WAY! I can't wait to show some of them to you. :D


  1. These are brilliant - Especially the first two! Such a cute and unique style to them :)
    I'll be joining Etsy soon once I'm ready to set up with my needle felting, so I'll be sure to favourite your shop! :D xo

    Little Swirl's Nifty Notes
    Beauty, Lifestyle, Creativity xo

    1. Awe, thanks so much! I try to make them unique and different. :)
      That's so exciting!! Be sure to let me know so I can follow you back! I have a two year old and I've been wanting to get her felt things. :D Good luck to you!

      xo, Brittany

  2. These are so clever! I used to make handmade cards because my first job was in a card store and I guess it just turned into that-but I love how these are straightforward and simple! Very creative.