Thursday, June 6, 2013



You guys!! It's happened, it's already happened!!!

Only one day, ONE DAY, after opening my Etsy shop I already received not only one, but TWO sales!! I can not tell you how over the top, freaking excited I am right now. With all the card competition out there, it really baffled me that people would purchase my cards (and this fast too). It only gives me hope that I can get this business to bloom and give you guys funny and cute handmade personal cards. 

And I was really surprised at the card that was sold! It was ordered by both customers. 
My "DILF" Father's day card!! It's sure to make your baby daddy have a little chuckle this Father's day. ;)
If you'd like to purchase it, click here.

Feel free to check out all the other cards I have on there! There are cards for Father's day, Birthdays, Anniversary's, Weddings, Congratulations and cards to simply say I love you.

New designs are in the works, so I'll keep you updated on whats new to come. :D
Let me know what you think about these cards or if there's anything in particular you'd like to see.

Thanks for sticking with me guys. So much love coming your way, xo. 

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