Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Potty training, say whaaaat?!

Guys…that time has come…to potty train!! {sigh} For the past couple months, I've been dreading it. I've been hearing remarks such as, "Shouldn't she be out of diapers now?" "When are you going to start?". But being in school full time, and running a business from home was hard enough to time manage, how was I going to throw in potty training? 

Well yesterday I had the day off, since I couldn't find a babysitter for school. And I decided to tackle it! And oh, did I tackle it. I went out and bought Madalyn a little potty. She wanted the princess one, so that's the one I got. I figured the more excited she was about the potty, the more likely she'd use it. Then I placed it in the living room (since thats where we've been spending all our time today) and put a box of her favorite books, iPad and snacks next to it. 

Finally as some cherries and whipped cream on top, I printed out this chart for her and put together a bowl of candy she got to choose from every time she went on the potty. I found the chart on pinterest {let me know if I should link it} and decided to hang it up on the bathroom door. Everytime she uses the potty, she gets to color in a heart, and after they're all colored in, she will get a new toy! {bribing momma say whhhhhha} 

But I was beyond excited because she woke up dry this morning! On her first day ever potty training!! I went out and bought a bag of the nighttime pull-ups, and put one on her, but she still didn't go. She woke up, I put her in underwear and a few minutes later she just pulled her pants down and went on the potty. So now she's celebrating with a big Starbucks pumpkin cookie and a protein shake for breakfast. Sometimes everyone deserves some treats, right? ;)

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