Friday, October 4, 2013

I'm feeling 22!!

Cue T-Swift, It's happened!! I've turned 22!! October 1st was the big ol' day. My birthday was nothing special. Aside from school work, and working on new products for my etsy shop, I've been decorating and rearranging my home {Pictures soon, I promise!} But working on these new products and re-thinking my novel has been getting to me! Not to mention all the ceramics and printmaking work for school…sigh. I need a vacation, for reals. 

The one great thing I've gotten for my birthday was from the greatest guy everrrrr ;) He gave me a Keurig Coffee maker for my new apartment!! Yes, if you're wondering, I squealed. 

But other than that, I've just been a busy bee. A very busy bee. Who's ready to see some new stuff in my etsy shop?! I know I am!! WHEW! 

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