Monday, September 23, 2013

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice.

Yesterday was officially the first day of Autumn…but it's been Autumn for the past couple weeks in my home!! I absolutely love that I can decorate little things in my little apartment to give it a nice feel. I've also been obsessing over Pumpkin Spice everythinnnng! I have a collection of Pumpkin Spice candles and air freshener plug-ins all around my home. Did I mention that Fall was my favorite time of the year? 

I also got this Ikea bookcase from a friend, in which I love! I love decorating it and giving little homey touches that matches my living room area. It's the one spot that I do not allow the kids to touch! (I've very defensive over my bookshelf lol). I have my pictures all on the top shelf. On the left is a box full of photos that I haven't found a place for yet and my Boba Fett bank on top. In the center I have a photo of  Myself, Madalyn, my Grandma and my three cousins, Zachary, Ben and Andy all going down a bouncy slide. And on the Right I have a small stack of some of my photo albums. On the next shelf down I have my decorating book and magazine collection. Accompanied by a single rose that my boyfriend gave me a year ago and is dried out in the center. My classic book collection is on the third shelf and is decorated by a fall flower pot from Michaels, and a photo of my brother and Madalyn in an ikea picture farm. And isn't that little owl on the fourth shelf down just darling?! I found him at Michaels and I just had to have him!! But I'm currently obsessed with these fall colors: Red, orange and yellow. Can't you tell? ;)

With Fall in the air, I had to take the little ones out for a little play date. Madalyn and her little boyfriend Ryan who is currently staying with us for a little bit, just love to run around and play behind my apartment building! They both wanted to be Batman for the day, and who doesn't want to be Batman?! They're both simply adorable!!

 And with that overload of cuteness, I hope you all have a great first week of Fall!!

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