Friday, September 20, 2013

Newborn Sessions and Baby Fever

GAH! Baby fever strikes again!

Last weekend I got a call to take newborn pictures to the family that I recently did a maternity shoot for. And needless to say the little dude was ADORABLE! Unlike other newborns I've taken pictures of, this little guy had his eyes open almost the entire time. He was so alert and knew how to work the camera for only being 3 weeks old.

So now that I've been around and held this little precious guy, my baby fever has definitely returned. And that's so bad, lol. I'm sure other parents out there understand. Or even just females who have a random urge to have a baby, or even get a new puppy. There's something about little babies that just give you that urge. New baby names are just floating through my head…I'm pretty sure my boyfriend is going to murder me. (whoops)

Please excuse my little ramble about this new disease I like to call baby fever.

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