Monday, September 16, 2013

Let's play Cat(ch)sup!

Oh my goodness!! Things in my life has been so hectic, and…AMAZING! I'm finally starting to get settled into my little apartment (When the little touches are finished I'll do a home tour for you guys), I'm back in classes (all art!) and business is booming!!

The past couple days I've been doing more photoshoots, been designing more cards for the holidays, and extra special pieces that will be added to my Etsy. Also, I've been invited to be a vendor at a craft show coming up in October! I love that someone found me on Etsy and invited me to join!! That only made me feel like my work was worth it. That I didn't just have to sign up, that I was actually desired to attend. So much so that my going was put above other vendors who have been trying to get a spot!! (Insert me squealing like a little girl here.)

So here's a little random update of things or details of things that have been going on. I present you with, my TO DO LIST

1. Find a clock for my gallery wall.
2. Finish carving for printmaking class. 
3. Fix the break line on my Jeep Cherokee. 
4. Make display stand for cards.
5. Get more paper for *BEEEEEEP* (thats a censor ;D because I want you all to be surprised)
6. Get mine and Madalyn's Halloween costume.
7. Go to the aquarium on Wednesday.
8. Go apple picking on Friday. 
9. Finish sketches for new card designs.
10. Try to control current obsession with pumpkin spice ANYTHING. 

Welp there you have it!! There's a little sneak peak of things to come! Have any questions? Any ideas on what the surprise is? Gah I'm so flipping excited to the point where I actually have to stop typing right now or I'll just spill my guts! akdjgakldg. BYE! 


  1. Sounds like you have a lot of amazing things going on at the moment :) especially being invited to be a vendor at a craft show sounds like a great opportunity!
    I really want to go apple picking one day! I've never been but its been on my list for ages! haha
    Madeleine || Madeleine In Wonderland

    1. It is!! I'm super excited about it!
      I haven't been apple picking since I was a child, so I definitely really want to go and pass that on to the little one!! haha.
      xo, Brittany.